NYPD, FDNY charity hockey game breaks out into bench-clearing brawl (VIDEO)

A charity hockey game between the New York Police Department and the New York Fire Department of New York broke out into a bench-clearing brawl Sunday.

The match took place at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island and massive fight broke out during the second period when both teams were tied 3-3. After a barrage of flying fists the tussle was eventually broken up and the NYPD went on to win, finishing at 8-5 and breaking the FDNY’s five-year winning streak, Huff Post reports.

After the game, the NYPD took their hockey Facebook page, posting, “Good job boys, finally kicked those hoser’s asses.”

But the FDNY was quick to point they had won the last five consecutive years, posting to Facebook, “We lost 8-5. Can’t win em all. Five out of six ain’t bad. Thanks to everyone for showing up. See u next year.”

[ Huffington Post ]

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