is hiring Gun Review Writers is currently hiring new review writers to fill specific niches within the world of firearms, including hunting, tactical, concealed carry and competitive shooting. Reaching over 2 million readers monthly, is an online publication specializing in firearms reviews and news. We cover a broad spectrum of firearm topics ranging from products and politics to business and military news.

Duties for applicants include product reviews related to their niche; seeking out story ideas, sources, a reliable FFL and locations; producing one to two original pieces a week, which includes an article and multimedia portion.

Candidates should have strong writing skills, basic reporting skills (interviewing and research), knowledge of filmmaking and editing, an engaging on-camera presence, and decent photography skills. Also, candidates should be well versed and experienced in the topic they want to cover.

  • Applicants for the Hunting Reviewer must be well-versed not only in hunting techniques and ethics, but also in laws pertaining to the harvesting of game. They must also possess knowledge on the tools of hunting including but not limited to: firearms, camouflage, ammunition, scopes, calls and clothing. Applicants should be familiar with hunting a wide variety of game in order to provide consistent content for during most if not all available hunting seasons.
  • Applicants for the Tactical Reviewer must be well-versed in both military and police tactical, strategic, and combat operations. Prior military or law enforcement service is desired. Unparalleled knowledge of equipment relating to tactical LEO operations or military actions a must.
  • Applicants for the Concealed Carry Reviewer must have a concealed carry license (or else why would you apply?) and should be able to hold a conversation anywhere in the country about specifics of the topic. These applicants should have a vast knowledge of concealed weapons and holsters, as well as a solid understanding of the legal application of deadly force. Extensive training a plus, though not required.
  • Applicants for the competitive shooting position must have a minimum of five years competing and have placed in the top three of a regional championship in either IDPA, IPSC, or USPSA multiple time with at least one of these victories within the past 24 months. Applicants proficient in any one sport should be willing to compete in unfamiliar disciplines, while providing insight and unique perspective.

This is a part-time, telecommute position with a competitive salary. To apply, send your resume, three samples including video, and a cover letter describing which niche you’re applying for and why you’re a suitable candidate to Please put “Review Writer” in the subject line. Applicants who fail do so will not be considered.

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