Pro-gun journalist Emily Miller debates ‘smart guns’ (VIDEO)

Award-winning pro-gun journalist Emily Miller discussed Wednesday the issue of “smart gun” technology and the dangers it would present if law was passed that mandated their use.

Attorney General Eric Holder recently advocated smart gun technology to Congress, saying it would allow citizens to “have the ability to enjoy their Second Amendment rights, but at the same time decreasing the misuse of weapons…” Miller, however, argued the topic on Fox News, pointing out that the relying on technology in a time of crisis may yield unfavorable results, Fox News reports.

Smart gun technology is “not perfected and as you said, you know, you’ve got a bad guy coming in and you’re going to depend on… a battery operated bracelet to protect yourself? “ Miller said.

Miller went on to add that she has a gun safe with a biometric fingerprint scanner that never works, and believes traditional locks are the best way to secure a firearm.

[ Fox News ]

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