Rob Riggle's Top Gun 2 Audition Tape (VIDEO)

Honest question: would a “Top Gun 2” without any men-on-men four-way volleyball be better than the original, or was the hardbodied men-on-men action what made the original “Top Gun” so … timeless?

Besides, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are both pushing to making this movie happen. Do you really want to see a grey-haired version of that men-on-men business that there was so much of in the original?

I wonder who will be the enemy? ‘Cause if it’s not the Taliban then it’s going to seem a bit forced if it’s the Russians or the North Koreans or something. But last time I checked, dog fights with the Taliban have essentially all been completely one-sided. There’s … there’s not going to be much tension there.

[Funny or Die]

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