Iowa Senate candidate’s campaign ad warns sexual predators he’ll ‘blow your balls off’ (VIDEO)

An Iowa Senate candidate issues a warning to sexual predators that he will “blow your balls off” if they come near his home and attempt to harm his family.

While the #GotBalls? is more or less an attempt for a long shot candidate to get attention, it’s backed by a very sad and eye-opening story.

Bob Quast is running on 10 main issues including protecting the Second Amendment, term limits and domestic abuse. The latter became a key issue after the grisly murder of his sister Lynnete in 1999 by her husband Thomas Craft. Quast’s political mission began in 2011, after Craft was released from prison, which Quast tried to prevent. But after several failed attempts to contact his senator, he got fed up.

Now Quast is an independent candidate running for Senate and his new campaign ad “addresses issues in Iowa while retaining a sense of humor,” Business Insider reports. Quast is eying Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin’s seat in the U.S. Senate.

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