Mini DIY crossbow Mk.II (VIDEO)

This is one YouTube celeb that doesn’t have to work on his Russian accent at all.

I like this design but it could be worked on a bit by cutting a flight groove into the top of the clothespin that makes up the crossbow’s barrel. It might be easier to load by cutting a groove into the latch of the crossbow, too.

You could make it more powerful by fastening the rubber band-string to one side of the limb piece, then twist it up to take out the slack and then fix the other side to the opposite end of the limb.

And before anyone says this is dangerous and useless with matches, you do not know how much lighter fluid I use to start charcoal. As far as I’m concerned, this is a safety device.

They’re just tools, amirite?

Get more at the Crazy Russian Hacker channel.

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