Ruger issuing safety recall of select SR-556VT rifles


Ruger is issuing a recall of their SR-556VT or Varmint Target model SR-556 rifles. They have detected a potentially serious flaw, although no incidents have been reported. This only affects certain Varmint Target rifles, not the entire SR-556 line-up.

Effected rifles fall into the serial number range 590-32501 through 591-18704.

The accuratized SR-556VT features a non-standard two-stage trigger with a faulty disconnector. Ruger’s vendor did not properly heat-treat the disconnectors and they are susceptible to wear with use. A worn disconnector can lead to a problem where pulling the trigger does not immediately release the hammer as well as fail to catch the hammer after cycling a round causing double-fires.

Both of these potential outcomes are serious and can be very dangerous. It is very important that any owners of these Ruger SR-556VT rifles send their guns back to the factory for service.

Even though no problems or injuries have been reported if you own one of these SR-556VT rifles you should contact Ruger immediately for factory servicing. Owners of these rifles may call Ruger’s Newport, N.H. customer service department at (603) 865-2442. Customers may also email Ruger at [email protected].

Ruger will send you shipping materials, including a packing container, at no cost. Users will not have to pay for shipping. They will not offer owners refunds, however, anyone affected by this recall will receive a free magazine with each returned rifle for their trouble in addition to replacing the disconnector.

Turnaround time on servicing will be within two weeks of receiving the rifle. Ruger is well-known for their fast and courteous customer service.


If you’re not sure your rifle is a SR-556VT they can be identified by their fixed stock, steel barrel, Magpul MOE pistol grip and extended charging handle or by calling Ruger’s customer service number.

It is not necessary to ship firearms through an FFL for service. They can be shipped via Fed-Ex directly to Ruger and then back to the owner’s home address.

For more information please visit the Ruger SR-556VT recall information page.

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