‘The Monster Is Real’ gun-control ad calls for proper storage of firearms (VIDEO)

“The Monster Is Real” gun-control ad by States United calls for the proper storage of firearms to help prevent children from getting their hands on them.

The ad follows a young boy who repeatedly tells his parents he sees a “monster in the closet.” It’s later discovered, however, the monster is actually a gun. The young boy’s fear quickly turns to curiosity as he removes the gun from a box. The result is an unintentional death, Adweek reports.

“In the wake of so many tragic shootings, the nation’s focus has been on strengthening gun laws,” says Sue Hornik, executive director of States United to Prevent Gun Violence. “But one preventable threat to children’s safety is unlocked and loaded guns found around the house … the proverbial ‘monster in the closet’ of our new public service announcement.”

Last year, States United released “Ed,” a gun-control ad that shows a man opening fire in an office using a muzzleloader. The video points out that guns have evolved, and so should gun laws.

[ Adweek ]

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