Taking training to the Dark Side (VIDEO)

Zero and the Funker Tactical crew are starting a new series of training videos where they will push exercises to the limits. These are clearly not for novice shooters, or possibly even people who aren’t paid to carry guns.

Still, it’s clear that they want people to fundamentally re-think what should go into training. Even if you aren’t an operator with an eight, this should be a reminder that as a rule, we can push our own training and be better off for it.

You don’t have to put a can of OC spray in your range bag to push your own limits. Training can be more than just a few hundred rounds at a target seven yards away every few weeks; there’s shooting offhand, one-handed, dry-fire practice at home … little things that may not even come in handy directly but will make you a more confident, capable and safer gun owner.

Future installments of “the Dark Side of Training” will go up on the Funker Tactical channel.

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