Convicted armed robber avoids prison for 13 years after state forgets about him (VIDEO)

A convicted armed robber avoided his prison sentence for 13 years after the state of Missouri forgot about him.

In 2000, Cornealious Anderson was sentenced to 13 years in prison for armed robbery with a BB gun. He was told to go home and wait until someone contacted him with instructions regarding when and where he was to report to prison. But the instructions never came, and Anderson was never incarcerated. It wasn’t until 13 years later, when Cornealious Anderson’s time had been served, that Missouri Department of Corrections realized he was never remanded into custody in the first place. And that’s when SWAT kicked down his door and finally took him to prison, Yahoo reports.

Anderson, now 37, used his borrowed freedom wisely and turned his life around. A married father with a 3-year-old daughter, Anderson started more than just a family. He picked up a trade and became a carpenter, and even started three businesses.

Since his original armed robbery the only trouble he’s had with the law is a handful of traffic violations. So when a SWAT team came banging on Anderson’s door, he was more than surprised.

“They sent a SWAT team to his house,” said Anderson’s attorney, Patrick Megaro. “He was getting his 3-year-old daughter breakfast, and these men with automatic weapons bang on his door.”

Anderson was taken into custody and according to a court response filed by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, the state has every right to make Anderson serve out his sentence behind bars.

Megaro will continue to work to free Anderson, and says the best bet will be to rely on case law. A clerical error like this hasn’t occurred in Missouri since 1912, and in that instance the convicted man was set free.

Megaro said Anderson is “doing his best to keep his spirits up” but that “each day that goes by, more hope is lost.”

[ Yahoo ]

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