Exploring the views of anti-NRA protestors (VIDEO)

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph interviewed some of the anti-NRA protestors that had gathered outside the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.

Joseph speaks with several of the protestors to get an idea of why they’re protesting the NRA, and to see what they’re beliefs are regarding the Second Amendment are and various common gun laws, The Blaze reports.

One of the women tells Joseph 30,000 gun deaths occur each year and says the fault lies with the NRA.

Another woman who was protesting “Stand Your Ground” said only current law enforcement officers should be allowed to carry weapons, and anybody else who finds themselves in a dangerous situation is just out of luck.

When Joseph asked one man if there was a scientific connection between honking and gun violence, the protestor responded they also “protest from five to six on the second and fourth Mondays.”

[ The Blaze ]

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