Take a tour inside the Accuracy International factory (VIDEO)

Tom Irwin, one of the directors of Accuracy International, offers a rare glimpse inside the factory of one of world-leading manufacturers of sniper rifles.

Based out England, Accuracy International produces some of the finest snipers in the world. Their rifles are known for exceptional accuracy and the ability to reach out and touch a target. One of their weapons was used by British Army Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison when he killed a Taliban insurgent from 2,710 yards in 2009, the longest confirmed kill in history.

After consulting with expert marksman and warriors in the field, Accuracy International created their first sniper rifle, the L96A1. From there they have continued improving on their designs.

“The company’s early success was based on not just what the founders knew from target shooting but also what they learnt from the users, the military users,” said Irwin. “They went out and they sought inputs from those users, and based on that they designed their very first sniper rifle, and it was very successful.”

[ Telegraph ]

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