SIG Elite Performance Ammunition tests rolling in (VIDEO)

Lucky Gunner has a more detailed written review that goes into SIG’s V-Crown ammunition compared to an industry standard, Federal HST.

From what we can see here the ammo performs admirably through soft barriers, with solid expansion coming in at well over half an inch. But the bare gel tests show a different side of things.

While it could be the fact that the V-Crown bullet is not bonded, the cannelured design holds the rounds together very well. It’s more likely that the lead core is either on the soft side or that SIG’s unique hollow point-within a hollow point design is a bit too eager to open up early on bare gel.

This means the bullet hits maximum expansion very early on, dumping all of its energy into the first few inches of ballistics medium.

In the real world this may not mean a thing, but it could also mean that the design needs a little tweaking still. Other established self-defense loads appear to be a bit more consistent.

Still, the performance through four layers of denim is picture-perfect, delivering just under 15 inches of penetration in ballistics medium, which is slightly better than most self-defense loads without breaking 18 inches, the FBI maximum for penetration. This is particularly good penetration for a standard pressure non-plus-P load.

Thinking about trying SIG’s new ammo for yourself? Let us know what you find.


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