The moment a snowmobiling couple uses .380 to scare off attacking moose (VIDEO)

A husband and wife who were snowmobiling in Maine used a .380-caliiber pistol to scare off an attacking moose Friday.

Janis and Bob Powell were snowmobiling through the woods in an area just outside Jackman when a rabid moose approached and charged the husband. The wife, armed with a .380-pistol, fired a warning shot into the air and the moose turned and fled, WMUR reports.

Bob tried distancing himself from the charging moose by using his snowmobile as a shield, but the animal continued to advance. Finally, he told his wife to fire a warning shot.

“I knew what size gun I had and that I might make it even more angry, and two, I don’t want to have harm another animal if I didn’t have to,” Janis says, recounting the story.

But she finally did fire a shot into the air and after a brief moment, the moose ran away.

Neither Janis nor Bob were injured during the incident, and because of their cautionary measures, neither was the moose.

Last February reported on another moose that attacked a snowmobiler. But in this instance the man shot the animal dead.

[ WMUR ]

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