The moment a suicide bomber detonates outside Baghdad college (VIDEO)

CCTV monitors captured the moment a suicide bomber detonated just outside the gates of a Shiite college in Baghdad Sunday.

The attack killed at least 18 people and wounded nearly 50 more. Mere hours later the Islamic State of Iraq claimed responsibility, claiming the college’s professors were teaching the students to “curse” the prophet Muhammad. But according to U.N. Special Representative in Iraq Nickolay Mladenov, it was nothing more than a “vicious and cowardly attack on innocent civilians,” the Associated Press reports.

“This is yet another example of sectarian-based violence that the people of this country need to fight in order to bring this country to tranquility,” Mladenov said in a statement. “The target has been selected to incite sectarian hatred, with utter disregard for human life and religious values.”

According to LiveLeak, the security guards in the video were fleeing because they ran out of ammo.

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