Motorcyclist's helmet cam catches ambush by bandits on remote Guatemalan trail (VIDEO)

Two motorcyclists were stopped and robbed at gunpoint as they drove through a remote dirt trail in Guatemala April 10.

Canadian native Dan Landsborough and his British girlfriend Heidi Burton, both 34, were riding somewhere between Santiago Atitlan and San Pedro La Laguna in Solola when two masked men jumped out from the bushes. One bandit was armed with a pistol and the other a machete. They rushed over to the couple and demanded money, Telegraph reports.

“When the first bandito ran out ahead of us pointing a gun, there was an initial feeling of dread,” Burton recounted the incident. “Then the second man jumped out with a machete demanding money and we knew the best thing to do was give them what they want and get out of there.”

The crooks took Burton’s rings and cut off Landsborough’s tank bag, which contained electronics and a “fake wallet.”

“[The tank bag] contained a fake wallet with expired cards and a real $100 note and a few electronic items such as an e-reader, iPhone and iPod,” Burton said.

After the masked men got what they wanted, they let the couple go. While Burton and Landsborough were robbed at gunpoint, Burton says she still believes Guatemala is a safe place to visit.

“I would still recommend people visit beautiful Guatemala and not be put off by crimes like this that happen in what otherwise feels like a very safe country with warm and kind inhabitants,” she said.

[ Telegraph ]

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