Hickok45 with an Ithaca Model 37 DS Police Special (VIDEO)

A lot of Hickok45’s videos can be repetetive and we know it, and seeing him play at his shooting range can drive anyone into a jealous rage, but this video’s worth sharing because the shotgun he’s got for this installment is just too neato. The Ithaca Model 37 DS Police Special is one of those guns that if you find one from the right vintage there’s no reason you shouldn’t snatch it up, even if it’s in bad condition, as long as it’s priced decently enough. There’s nothing quite like slam-firing a shotgun and it’s a shame they don’t make guns that are capable of it today. Seriously, Ithaca, are you listening? Make a limited-edition eight-shot Model 37 that you can slam-fire, you’ll absolutely rake it in. A man can dream, anyway.

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