Man facing murder charges voices concerns over his ‘MURDER’ neck tattoo




Jeffrey Chapman faces murder charges, but is concerned about his “MURDER’ neck tattoo and wants the state to pay for a professional tattoo artist to remove it.

A Kansas man facing murder charges wants to have his “MURDER” neck tattoo professionally removed before next week’s trial.

According to prosecutors, Jeffrey Chapman murdered Damon Galyardt in November of 2011. He dumped the body in a Kansas field, where it was later discovered by hunters. Now Chapman has expressed his concern that the jury will judge him unfairly because of his “MURDER” neck tattoo, and has requested the state bring in a professional tattoo artist to cover up or remove the artwork, Gawker reports.

But unfortunately for Chapman, Kansas law says tattoo artists have to practice at a licensed facility, and that doesn’t include a penitentiary, according to GBTribue. However, Chapman has been allowed to cover “his tattoo using clothing, bandage or other means compliant with jail policy.”

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