Drunk NYPD cop accidentally shoots partner (VIDEO)

A drunk cop from the New York Police Department accidentally shot his partner while showing off his revolver Thursday morning.

NYPD Detective Jay Poggi and his partner were en route to a crime scene when the two officers stopped at a Queens restaurant for drinks. After they got back in their squad car Poggi wanted to show his partner his .38-caliber revolver, but negligently discharged the weapon in the process. Poggi’s partner was shot in the wrist and Poggi rushed him to an area hospital, ABC reports.

The partner was treated for his wounds and was said to be in a stable condition. Poggi was arrested and charged with a DUI, but refused to submit to a breath-alcohol test. It was later determined Poggi’s blood-alcohol content was .113, but according to his lawyer, he was just trying to save his partner’s life.

“[Poggi] drove his partner to the hospital,” said attorney James Moschella. “And part of the allegation of driving while intoxicated is driving his partner to get life-saving treatment at the hospital, which you certainly can’t fault him for.”

Poggi is due in court on June 16.

[ ABC ]

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