Can a cellphone really stop a bullet? (VIDEO)

It’s uncommon to hear stories about laptops, music players and cellphones catching bullets and possibly saving lives, but they do pop up every so often. Still, since 22 Plinkster started his “Will this stop a .22” series he’s demonstrated just how much stuff won’t stop a round of .22. Do you think a cell phone can pull double-duty as a very small, expensive chest plate?

One of the interesting things about .22 Long Rifle is that it has a similar sectional density to most smaller, lighter calibers and even popular service pistol calibers if they are loaded with lightweight bullets.

So on the one hand it’s easy to say, hey, this is just a little .22 fired from a subcompact pistol; something tells me the results would be the same or similar with a .25 ACP, or even a .32 or .380 ACP.

If anything, this video makes one thing clear: OtterBoxes rock.

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