NRA ad: ‘It’s Time to Believe in the Good Guys Again’ (VIDEO)

The National Rifle Association’s new ad “It’s Time to Believe in the Good Guys Again” points out that while the world around us filled with bad guys, good guys still exist too.

“Do you still believe in the good guys? Because you’re surrounded by a world where madmen are famous and good ones, forgotten … where the gates of success swing open for hypocrites, chameleons, bullies and yes men,” the three commentators say.

But while the world is filled with so much bad, the good guys must have the courage to persevere if they hope to make a difference.

“It takes courage to be free. A special kind of backbone to reject the world that surrounds you. To sign your name where everyone can see it. To believe that there is always a right choice and an honest consequence. That’s what it means to believe in America. It’s time to believe in the good guys again,” the ad says.

It’s easier to have the support of likeminded people than standing alone, and the ad says that “we are the 5 million men and women of the National Rifle Association of America. Join us.”

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