Hickok45 on the basics of...archery? (VIDEO)

I don’t think it should be all that surprising that a guy who could ring steel at a plate 300 yards away with flintlock is into archery, but after all these years of watching him and his glorious range I’d never caught on that he was into bows and arrows.

That being said, for all the trouble it takes to lay hands on a brick of .22, it makes good sense for shooters to get into archery just to save money and still get in some range time. It really is getting popular with kids, so why not learn a new skill? Plus as a sport it leads straight to shooting.

And it doubles over as a solid zombie apocalypse skill, like reloading, or horseback riding. It’s got to be cheaper than shooting once you get properly set up, to boot.

Great, just like that, we’re all pricing out bows and backyard targets. Thanks for everything, Hickok45.

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