How to install a Timney Tavor trigger in 28 seconds (VIDEO)

IMI Tavor rifles are probably the most popular bullpups on the market today, with unprecedented sales surpassing expectations even at IWI US. To put things into perspective, the company had hoped to sell 6,000 rifles in their first year in the U.S., and they sold 15,000 in the first nine months.

However, the trigger leaves a lot to be desired. It’s long, it’s heavy, it’s mushy … basically everything bad you’ve ever heard about them is 100 percent true. If you’re at all interested in precision shooting, well, that’s not gonna happen with the factory trigger.

Even though they’re expensive — expect to drop several hundred bucks for one — these aftermarket triggers are completely worth it. If you’re happy to pay the Tavor premium then you really ought to consider paying the Timney premium, too. It’ll be like unboxing your bullpup all over again.

SHWAT has a complete write-up of this must-have Tavor accessory.

Not convinced your Tavor needs a completely new trigger? Don’t forget about the DIY Tavor trigger job.

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