Overview of the new Diamondback FS9 (VIDEO)

Hank Strange was given a product tour of the new Diamondback FS9, the first full-size pistol to come from Diamondback Firearms. Announced in the lead-up to this year’s NRAAM, the FS9 is a low-cost option for someone looking for a nightstand and range gun.

The FS9 was optimized to fit smaller-handed shooters and is very thin and light to boot. It is a striker-fired 9mm with a 15+1 capacity and a generous 4.75-inch barrel.

Because it’s new it doesn’t have a huge amount of aftermarket support but the gun will accept some Glock sights which is a huge pro in addition to working with soft Glock holsters.

Stores that have them already are listing the FS9 for $400 or less making this an attractive option for anyone on a budget or someone who wants a Glock-like pistol but doesn’t want that Glock-like grip. With its loaded chamber peep hole and cocked striker indicator it also has a few features not common to the Austrian pistol.

For more on the new FS9 head over to the Diamondback Firearms product page. And of course for more Hank Strange hit up his YouTube channel.

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