Trulock chokes for sporting clays (VIDEO)

Trulock is a go-to name for chokes for hunters of all types of game, but the company is also in the sporting clays game. It’s developed a line of extended and extended ported chokes for shotgun games that promise tighter patterns for more wins.

They’ve got two close-range chokes in cylinder and “Skeet 1,” which is improved cylinder, two mid-range chokes in modified and “Skeet 2,” which is light modified, and three longer-range chokes in improved modified, full and extra-full.

The most popular and common chokes for clays are their Skeet 1 (improved cylinder), Skeet 2 (light modified) and improved modified chokes.

These chokes have been designed to ensure consistent, even shot patterning even with wide spreads. In shotgun games like these, a nice uniform, regular patter is the key to success. If the shooter is on-target but the pattern has gaps big enough to pass around a clay, there’s nothing more the shooter can do.

Trulock Chokes for Sporting ClaysAll Trulock’s sporting clay chokes are knurled and extended extended choke with a stainless steel finish. They are offered for a long list of shotguns, and you’re looking for a choke for a relatively obscure shotgun, chances are they make a choke for you. They offer chokes compatible with nearly 100 different patterns of shotgun.

Trulock’s sporting clays and skeet shooting chokes are machined on CNC lathes from 17-4 PH grade stainless steel solid bar stock, not tapped welded tubing. Because of their quality construction they are rated for use with steel and tungsten alloy shot.

The knurled extensions allow for easy, tool-free installation and don’t require wrenches. Because of their stainless steel construction they are corrosion-resist and and come with a lifetime warranty.

Depending on the thread pattern and degree of choke these Trulock chokes run around $40 to $50, which is a small price to pay for what is almost certainly guaranteed improved performance. If you’re still using factory chokes and want to get everything out of your shotgun it may be time to consider this upgrade.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your scores, whether you’re into sporting clays or five-stand games, these might just be what you need to lock in more wins.

For more information about Trulock’s sporting clays chokes and hunting and tactical chokes, head over to the company website.

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