Review of the 'More rail for your gat' Recover Tactical 1911 grip (VIDEO)

It’s hard not to chuckle a bit when you first see Recover Tactical 1911 grips, a polymer grip set that adds a Picatinny rail to a non-tactical 1911. We certainly did, even though we’ve come to appreciate these.

As far as actually enhancing a gun, it seems to work great. The Yankee Marshal was pleasantly surprised when he slapped a set on one of his 1911s and found out, yeah, they’re actually pretty cool and do add function without having to permanently alter — and in the process risk destroying — a perfectly-servicable pistol.

What may eventually be more popular than the Recover Tactical 1911 grip is the upcoming Beretta 92 grip. There are a lot of Beretta pistols out there that can certainly benefit from a weapon light or laser sight or both.

recover tactical bc2 grip

You can keep up with the development of these grips on the Recover Tactical Facebook page. They’re just $50 on the Recover Tactical web store.

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