Keep it organized with the Battery Clip


Gear needs juice. Whether you need to maintain your optics, your laser sighting systems, your comms or just your remote controls, you’ve got to have batteries.

Batteries are a day-to-day necessity and practically everyone’ lost time digging through shelves, packs, drawers and pockets for replacements — we know how frustrating and precious these little buggers can be.

Enter the Battery Clip. These little wonders store up to 10 batteries, depending on their size, in a completely safe, easy-to-access unit. They work like single-stack magazines, storing cells like cartridges, feeding them one at a time.

As an added bonus Battery Clips store batteries with their terminals safely arranged and inaccessible. As rare as it is, keeping batteries loose is asking for trouble, whether that’s in a gear kit or junk drawer in the kitchen. Worst-case scenario they’re a fire hazard and more realistically that’s a great way to drain their charge and make a chemical mess of things.

Currently the Battery Clip is offered in AA/AAA and 9mm — er, 9 volt — “calibers,” with CR123 to follow. Battery clips can be stored in mag carriers and are designed to be smooth-sided and snag free for any carry or storage methods.

Battery Clips feature a battery-safe polymer construction and run just $25. Everyone and their mother can use a Battery Clip and these would make a great gift for anyone. Mother’s Day is coming up. Does your mom need a Battery Clip?

If you think you can put a Battery Clip to task or want more details, head over to the Battery Clip website.


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