FBI investigating death threat against Milwaukee sheriff (VIDEO)

Why anyone would want to mess with Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is beyond me. He’s about 6-foot-3, a deuce and change, hands that could crush cantaloupe, and armed with a no bullshit attitude. Even if you disagree with him, he’s still likable by normal folks. But then again, he is a cop, black and likes cowboy hats, and that’s enough to piss a perverse person off.

Milwaukee media reported on May 5 that Clarke received a threatening email that included a racial slur. While it isn’t the first time he’s received a death threat, the sender used a pseudonym and scrambled the IP address from where it was sent, and for those reasons, Clarke and the FBI are taking the threat seriously.

Clarke is a vocal advocate of gun ownership and the right to self-defense. Most recently he spoke at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention (and interviewed by Guns.com). Last year, he aired several public service announcements advising people in his county to arm themselves because police couldn’t be there to protect them.

The threat itself has not been released to the public as it’s still under investigation. The motive behind it is still under investigation as well.

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