Overview of the new Walther CCP (VIDEO)

The Walther CCP — for Concealed-Carry Pistol — is Walther’s newest handgun. While externally it shares a resemblance to the PPQ, functionally the guns are very different.

The CCP uses gas-delayed blowback operation, tapping on a recoil operation that’s largely been dropped by other manufacturers. This allows Walther to use a lighter recoil spring, which makes the gun easier to manipulate and rack while simultaneously making the pistol work with a wide range of cartridges, from soft to hot loads.

It’s also surprisingly affordable with a sub-$500 MSRP. They cut a little cost by going with polymer sights but they do finish the slide with Cerakote.

Hopefully in the future they offer it without a manual safety; a lot of people don’t like those on carry pistols. Apart from that, this really is a neat gun and we can’t wait to get personal with it.

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