‘Rambo’ woman shot four times, still fights off armed attackers

A “Rambo” woman was wounded during a Detroit shootout with two armed robbers Saturday night.

Paris Ainsworth, 51, had just pulled into her driveway after working a double shift when she saw two men heading straight for her, local media reports. She stuffed her .45-caliber handgun into her pocket and as soon she stepped out of the car, one of the men opened fire. Ainsworth was hit four times, but refused to go down and she returned fire. Now, her siblings call her “Rambo.”

Ainsworth said one of the unidentified men ordered her not to go for her gun. A moment later he fired, striking Ainsworth three times in the side and once in her non-gun hand. And she wasn’t particularly happy about it.

“I said, ‘You mother fucker,’ and pulled out [my gun] and started shooting,” Ainsworth recounted. “One, he was right in the middle of the street. The other one was right here on the [side of the street.]”

Ainsworth hit one of her assailants in both legs and the two would-be robbers sought treatment at Sinai-Grace Hospital, where they were later arrested.

Ainsworth kept pressure on her wounds until emergency medical services arrived and she was transported to the same hospital as the suspects.

But this isn’t the first time Ainsworth has been shot. Ten years ago she was the victim of a mugging and two years ago she decided to get a concealed carry weapons permit.

Ainsworth’s sister, Twila, said she was proud of how Ainsworth handled herself.

“I’m extremely proud of her because she was able to return fire back,” Twila said. “She had something to protect herself. If she didn’t, she would be dead.”

The gun-packing “Rambo” was thankful the incident was over, and happy to be alive.

“I thank God that I’m here with my family,” Ainsworth said. “It was horrible. I never want to see anything like that again.

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