The complete guide to Mossberg 930 maintenance with Jerry Miculek (VIDEO)

The Mossberg 930 is one of the most reliable, fastest-cycling semi-auto shotguns on the market, and that doesn’t even take into account how inexpensive it is. While it doesn’t have the same level of aftermarket support as Remington or Benelli semis, if you’re looking for a shotgun you can count on for all your shooting needs, this is one gun you need to keep in mind.

These shotguns need little maintenance but if you race it as hard as Jerry Miculek does, you’re going to have to strip it down to this point to bring it back to full speed. It’s a little tricky, particularly around the gas piston assembly, which this guide drives home perfectly.

Not a whole lot of shooting in this video, though. If you gotta see the man absolutely tear up the range, get more at his website and YouTube channel.

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