Cops search for suspect who shot dog in the face with shotgun (VIDEO)

Pennsylvania State Police are on the hunt for a suspect who shot a dog in the face with a shotgun last week.

“King” is a 14-month-old pitbull who got out of his Poconos yard. Someone found him and shot him at close range with what appears to be buckshot, and the pup was peppered with dozens of pellets. His owners, Kyle Wolf and Lexi Lamont, took King to the vet and after being treated, he’s now on the long road to recovery, WFMZ reports.


King was blinded after being shot in the face with a shotgun, but his owner hopes a surgery may be able to restore his sight.

“My heart – it was literally broken,” said Lamont. “I looked at my poor baby on the table and it was really hard seeing him like that. I can’t imagine why anyone would do that to a dog. He’s not nasty at all.”

Wolf said when the incident first happened, King “was a bloody mess” and barely moving at all. He took his dog to the vet and X-rays revealed over 50 tiny pellets lodged in King’s face and neck.

King is now blind in both eyes and has to rely on his other senses to get him around. But Wolf hopes that with surgery, King may be able to see again.

“He’s really lucky to be alive,” said Wolf.

While the shooting certainly took its toll on King and his owners, the silver lining is people from around the globe are offering donations.

“People from California,” said Lamont. “I think I heard somebody from Australia was donating money.”

Police are still searching for the suspect responsible for the shooting.

[ WFMZ ]

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