Testing CCI's new Suppressor ammo with 22plinkster (VIDEO)

CC_SGame_957_22LR_RMan, 22plinkster is just having a ball with that can. And you can tell how much of a difference this combination of suppressor-ready ammo and a can makes when he misses. The bullets hitting the steel dueling tree paddles are louder than the gun, that’s especially clear.

You don’t need a suppressor to benefit from this ammo. As a subsonic round, it will make less noise than any super-sonic .22, but bear in mind it only makes about 100 foot-pounds of force at the rated speeds.

It is a hollow point that’s designed to expand at low speeds, so it’s designed to double-duty as a small game and pest-control round that won’t bother the neighbors even if you run it unsuppressed. For more details and specs hit up the CCI Suppressor announcement page.

If you just want to see some trick shooting go on over to YouTube.

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