Teen suspended for wearing AK-47 T-shirt now protesting school's decision (VIDEO)

An Illinois high school student who was suspended for wearing an AK-47 T-shirt protested the school’s decision Monday, claiming it was a violation of his First Amendment rights.

Hindsale Central High School senior Chris Borg, 18, was wearing a T-shirt with an outline of an AK-47 on the back and a url to a website that supports gun rights when he was stopped by a hall monitor. He was given the options of turning the shirt inside out, changing shirts, or going home and being suspended for the day. Borg chose the last one, Chicago Tribune reports.

“I decided to go home for the day because I felt it was an infringement of my First Amendment right to freedom of expression,” Borg told the school board.

School Supt. Bruce Law said the T-shirt was a violation of the dress code policy, adding the AK-47 picture was unsafe and disruptive. But Borg had an answer for that too.

“Pictures of firearms can be found in our history textbooks, but you don’t see people freaking out about that,” Borg said, adding even the school’s mascot holds a trident, which is technically a weapon.

In the end, the decision on whether or not to overturn the suspension and remove it from Borg’s record rests with the school’s principal.

Borg’s father, Kevin Borg, said his son, who is also an Eagle Scout, doesn’t advocate violence and is a “straight-up kid.” But if he knew he was planning on wearing that particular T-shirt to school that day, he probably would have recommended against it.

[ Chicago Tribune ]

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