Colt AR upper receiver kits now available

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Colt is jumping into the upper business, and is now offering conversion kits based on its leading LE6920 and LE6940 models. These kits are being offered in a variety of barrel lengths and configurations.

Now users can upgrade to Colt-level business or mix in different configurations with the existing rifles to get in on this military-grade action.

These uppers are offered in three basic configurations, with standard forged uppers finished with A2 or Troy quad-railed hand guards or with Colt’s monolithic carbine-length railed upper receiver.

The A2 and monolithic uppers are available with the choice of 16-inch or 14 1/2-inch barrels. The 14 1/2-inch uppers have pinned and welded A2-style flash hiders and are 100 percent compliant with NFA restrictions. This is the first time Colt has ever offered 14 1/2-inch barrels on the Colt uppers.

The monolithic one-piece receivers deliver free-floating barrel assemblies for superior accuracy.

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“The upper assembly conversion kits will allow us to offer more high-quality, state-of-the-art choices to our customers,” said Joyce Rubino, Colt vice president. “The upper assemblies are made to the same military specifications and are subject to the same rigorous testing processes as every rifle that comes off our line.”

All kits are fully-assembled and ready to go with a Colt or other lower receiver including a charging handle and a bolt carrier group. Colt head-spaces the bolt to the barrel, which is both welcome and uncommon. Most manufacturers green-light any parts that pass inspection.

Colt’s uppers are chrome-lined, both the bolt carriers and barrels, and the barrels have a 1-in-7-inch right hand twist rifling for use with heavy bullets. The upper assemblies also come with a back-up iron sight included.

These uppers are compatible with all Colt lowers, and each kit ships with adapter screws to make the uppers work with Colt lowers with .315-inch pivot pins.

Colt is offering these uppers on the company web store and at your friendly local gun stores everywhere.

These uppers are being listed at very accessible prices, depending on the configuration, between $740 and $1,056, making them especially competitive. Suggested prices are always undercut by retailers and these uppers will be available for considerably less than that.

If you’re putting together your own rifle or want to upgrade an existing AR it’s hard to match Colt for quality and reputation. At these prices, it’s pretty hard to beat them for premium complete uppers in general.

If Colt wasn’t on your radar for your next build you should consider adding them, these uppers are proven and priced to move.

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