UPDATE: New Chief Kessler profanity-laced rant geared towards 'small town' politicians (VIDEO)

Update: The original video “Chief Kessler you will see me AGAIN” has been taken down, however, another was also posted on May 14. It’s titled “Chief Kessler I’M BACK MOTHER FXXCKERS.”

The former Pennsylvania police chief who published multiple videos aimed at goading “libtards” during the height of the gun debate last year resurfaced in the national spotlight with a new Youtube video titled, “Chief Kessler you will see me AGAIN.”

Mark Kessler’s new video targets mainly his critics and those responsible for ending his tenure as police chief of the small town of Gilberton, Pennsylvania.

“For all the people out there that are against me: You can all go fuck yourself,” Kessler said. “Go FUCK yourself! Okay?”

He continued, “If you think for one minute that I forgot, or that I’m going to fucking forget any of this, you have another thing coming. Trust me when I tell you this: You will fucking see my face again you cocksuckers.”

“All you little bastards there in that little fucking town, all you politicians who want to play fucking games, all you did was awaken a sleeping fucking giant. And your fucking day is coming. Trust me,” Kessler concluded and unloaded some machine gun rounds.

Kessler published the video on his Youtube channel yesterday along with a message on his Facebook page asking for extras for his reality show “Bullets & Brothers,” which Kessler formally announced via local media earlier this year.

Additionally, Kessler announced on Tuesday that he might be working in the Washington D.C. area in the not to distant future.

“Will be moving to Virginia side of D.C., as soon as possible to start a new career !!!! … I’m excited to be moving in a positive direction, and excited to finally be rewarded with ‘outstanding’ pay & benefits!!! unfortunately it’s not Georgia or southern Texas by the ocean, but Virginia & Virginia beach will be just fine!” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the video has received sharp criticism from Ladd Everitt, the communications director at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

“This guy seems to be a tragedy waiting to happen and I hope he is being closely monitored by law enforcement agencies at the local, state and federal level,” said Everitt in an email to Guns.com.

“I would add that the fact that Kessler is repeatedly able to make threats like this without being arrested is proof of how asinine the pro-gun movement’s claims about ‘tyrannical government’ under this administration really are,” he continued.

“Antics like this have little to do with ‘liberty.’ They are self-manufactured crises perpetrated by a small minority that feel their position of privilege in this country is being threatened by demographic, cultural and political changes,” Everitt concluded.

Late last year, Kessler was fired from his position as Gilberton police chief after releasing a series of profanity-laced rants punctuated with shooting a machine gun. He claimed the videos were designed to get a conversation started and educate those who are unfamiliar with firearms.

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