Update: High school lifts suspension for teen who wore AK-47 T-shirt (VIDEO)

The Illinois teen who was suspended from his high school for wearing a T-shirt that depicted an AK-47 has been cleared.

Officials from Hindsale Central High School lifted the suspension for Chris Borg, 18, who previously protested the school’s decision.

On Monday, he explained to the board why his suspension was a violation of his First Amendment rights. And two short days later, Supt. Bruce Law said the district “changed its mind about the rectitude” of the decision, Chicago Tribune reports.

On May 6, Borg, who is an Eagle Scout, was told he could turn his T-shirt inside out, change shirts, or go home for the day and suffer a suspension. Borg chose to go home, saying he felt his First Amendment rights had been infringed upon.

But several days later he presented a detailed argument to the school board and explained exactly why he thought the decision was wrong. Borg argued that even the school’s mascot carries a trident, which is technically a weapon. Yet none of the football players have been asked to remove their shirts.

Law agreed and lifted the suspension, saying, “A lawful activity like a gun club or a military institution is different than an unlawful activity that promotes violence.”

“I’m ecstatic,” Borg said of the decision. “I’m happy. I wasn’t trying to push buttons or be provocative. I was just trying to assert my First Amendment rights.”

[ Chicago Tribune ]

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