Photo of the day: Lock, stock, and one huge smoking barrel (Pics & Vid)


Trombini have such sharp recoil that the operator must use body rotation to absorb some of the energy.


Trombini are muzzeloaders used throughout Italian history. Now they are used for festivities.


When the ancient trombini were charged with grape shot they were an effective anti-personnel device.


Operators wear a guard on their left leg to prevent powder burns.

Pistoni were huge muzzleloaders used throughout Italian history. They were originally mounted to a castle wall for defensive purposes, but as technology increased the pistoni’s usefulness decreased, and eventually, the trombini was born. The trombini was used during festivities and holidays and in some parts of northern Italy and Italian Switzerland, it’s still used today, Pea Shooter reports.

Because the recoil from the trombini is so severe, the operator must allow their body to rotate to soak up some of the energy, but I’d like to see somebody shoulder fire one of these bad boys.

Here’s a video of the trombini in action. Skip over to around the five minute mark to see them being fired.

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