Awesome new zero percent lower receiver!


80% Arms is pleased to announce the new zero percent lower receiver. With more and more people becoming aware that it is possible for individuals to manufacture firearms for their own purposes for the most part legally (so long as they comply with local and federal laws otherwise) some people are worried that future legislation could possibly restrict the sale of 80 percent lowers.

Thankfully 80% Arms is one step ahead with their new zero percent lower receiver.

We are pleased to offer the finest zero percent lower receivers in the world,” explains 80% Arms. “What is a zero percent lower you ask? As the name suggests, it’s a lower receiver that is zero percent complete. In other words, a solid brick of aluminum.”

“These zero percent lowers are heavy and have sharp edges. They could make a good weapon if thrown at an attacker. Don’t tell the Obama administration, lest they try ban these very scary things.”

Sized right for an multi-axis CNC machine this zero percent lower is a “featureless” billet of aluminum that can be transformed into any AR lower the user has files for, with as little wasted material possible. Home gunsmiths with extra know-how can also use these zero percent lowers to manufacture upper receivers as well.

Provided the user has enough machining equipment and enough billet aluminum and steel, it is now possible to manufacture complete rifles from these zero percent billets with 100 percent anonymity. They just don’t want you to know that.

Anonymity comes with a small price premium, though. These billets are priced at $29, which is marked up compared to regular aluminum bars of similar dimensions. But when it comes to staying off the radar, no price is too much.

Time will tell if 80% Arms will expand their operations to include billet steel and barrel blanks.

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