Check out the new takedown TNARMS-15 Survival Rifle (VIDEO)

Tennessee Arms, a new manufacturer of lightweight and inexpensive polymer lower receivers, is launching a new product, the TNARMS-15 Survival Rifle. A takedown rifle, the gun is designed to quickly disassemble for easy and discreet storage.

An AR-15-type rifle, the TNARMS-15 Survival Rifle uses a fast-attach hand guard to fix the barrel to the upper receiver. Spin off the hand guard and the rifle and gas assembly pop right out. Assembly and disassembly takes seconds.

This is a great way to travel with a full-size AR-15 in a small package that doesn’t tell the world you’re packing a rifle. Taken apart the overall length of the components is significantly shorter than an AR taken apart at the receivers. If you’re a hiker or camper this could be a fun little gun to add to your kit.

While the build in this video uses a .50 Beowulf upper to show that the receivers can handle recoil, the TNARMS-15 Survival Rifle is currently being offered in 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington.

BROKEDOWN_BREAKDOWN__54937.1400096876.1280.1280Weighing in at 6.8 pounds with its carbon fiber and polymer construction, whether you’re driving in or packing in the rifle, it won’t add a lot of weight to your gear. It features a standard 16-inch barrel and uses a mid-length gas system.

Because of the hand-guard design the rifle is intended to be paired with a red dot sight or riflescope. It shouldn’t be too hard to budget in an optic as the base model TNARMS-15 Survival Rifle is priced at $998, which is considerably less than other takedown ARs on the market.

These rifles come with MIL-STD upper receivers and include NP3-coated bolt carrier assemblies and the lowers feature a mil-spec fire control group and A2-type furniture. The base model is all black but it is also offered with flat dark earth, foliage green and pink lowers for $10 more.

Magpul MOE furniture is an option for an extra $50. Tennessee Arms blends their lower polymer to match Magpul colors and offers them with matching flat dark earth, foliage green and pink MOE stocks and pistol grips.

For all the details and specifications hit up the product page.

The use of polymer for lower receivers is increasingly popular. Not only is it essentially scratch-proof polymers bend where alloy receivers will crack and break. Tennessee Arms goes one step further with the concept with brass reinforcements at the buffer tower and pistol grip for extra strength and to prevent stripped threads.

Not everyone is convinced that polymer receivers are the wave of the future but if you’d like to experiment with them Tennessee Arms also offers stripped lowers and completed lowers starting at just $40. They also offer bundles with multiple lowers and lower parts kits for builders.

Tennessee Arms has exceptionally approachable prices and for the price of a few lattes, if you’re at all curious about polymer AR lowers keep these guys on your radar. More information can be found on their website.

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