TrackingPoint XS1 versus HTC One M8 at 1,123 yards (VIDEO)

Sayonara, HTC One M8.

This is the latest installment of Richard Ryan’s Tech Assassin videos where a shiny new piece of kit gets destroyed in slo-mo for your viewing pleasure.

Of course things get a little more interesting at 1,123 yards. Doesn’t hurt to have that TrackingPoint XS1 at all.

The XS1 is TrackingPoint’s flagship “smart rifle.” What I really like about this video, apart from the beautiful slo-mo, is that it shows you that it still takes skill to use these rifles. You can see Ryan still has to control the rifle and keep it on target and more importantly stable before the rifle will let loose a round.

And that’s just half of the process as you still have to hold steady to tag your target, then re-acquire it a second time for the actual shot.

But there is one neat thing about them: they don’t miss. You might feel like the rifle’s caddy, but you won’t miss your target.

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