72-year-old security guard fights off, shoots shoplifter stealing groceries (VIDEO)

A St. Louis security guard shot a shoplifter who was trying to steal groceries Sunday afternoon.

The 72-year-old security guard spotted Michael Jackson, 41, trying to leave an Aldi grocery store around 1:35 p.m. with a cart-full of meat he had not purchased. The security guard confronted Jackson and sprayed him with pepper spray. When that failed, the security guard shot Jackson in the foot, St. Louis Today reports.

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Michael Jackson thought he could get the better of a security guard nearly twice his age, but quickly found out that wasn’t the case.

The guard first tried to subdue the suspect by deploying his pepper spray, but because of the wind, he inadvertently sprayed himself instead.

Jackson saw the guard was temporarily incapacitated and seized the opportunity to strike. He punched the guard at least once in the face, causing him to reel backwards.

When Jackson advanced again, the guard pulled his sidearm and fired multiple shots, striking the suspect once in the ankle.

Jackson was arrested and transported to an area hospital to be treated for his gunshot wound.

Jackson has yet to be charged and police say the investigation is ongoing. But according to KMOV, he is expected to face felony robbery charges.

He will also likely face at least one aggravated assault charge.

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