Check out Ares Armor's limited edition 'Eternal Vigilance' 80 percent lower





Ares Armor is doing a one-time run of 50 limited edition “Eternal Vigilance” 80 percent lowers with such intense levels of ‘Merica that after seeing these I need to find an explosion and salute to it.

They’re works of art as much as they are 80 percent lowers. With a jig you can complete it and then hang it on your wall. Ares is currently selling their uppers to go with these at rock-bottom prices.

Ares was recently raided by the ATF and this is how they’re lining their legal defense coffers. They will never do another run of these “Eternal Vigilance” receivers, so if you buy one you’ll be one of 50 people who owns one and always will be.

What do they run? About tree-fiddy.

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