predicted it: Boy in trouble for drawing 'gun-shaped' cloud (VIDEO)

During our 2013 April Fool’s day extravaganza (we know, we go a little nutso), we wrote a story titled “Mayhem ensues as gun shaped cloud forms over Baltimore school: Community looking for answers” because school districts — due to zero tolerance policies — punished young lads over finger guns, Pop Tart gunstalking about guns, and, of course, drawing guns. We thought the cloud gun thing was funny, but yesterday things got a little too serious.

In southern Colorado, second grader Kody Smith was assigned to go outside, look at the clouds and draw what he saw. But when he turned in what he saw, his teachers raised concerns.

“Draw a picture of what you see in the clouds from your imagination and that picture is a gun,” explained the 8 year old.

[ KKTV ]


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