Gamo launching neato new break-barrel air pistol

05/23/14 9:23 AM | by

gamo p-900

Gamo has just announced a new break-barrel air pistol that promises solid velocities and good accuracy at a very affordable price. The new P-900 IGT is a single-shot .177 pellet gun that has an MSRP of just $79.95 and a street price of around $60.

With ammo prices still relatively high and rimfire ammo out of the picture it’s good to see alternatives to traditional handguns out there. The Gamo P-900 gives pistol shooters the ability to continue working on their skills in an affordable way.

On top of being cheap to own and feed pellet pistol are quiet and far less regulated than true firearms giving users more options when it comes to finding places to shoot and targets to shoot at.

gamo p-900 (2)This air gun is capable of a respectable 400 feet per second with .177 pellets and is good to go with all pellet types including alloy pellets. It uses a pre-compressed pneumatic system for power and Gamo’s “Inert Gas Technology” gas piston system that ensures low recoil and vibration, the same as used in their air rifles.

The gun takes just 21 pounds of force to cock and charge the pistol and it has an overall weight of just over 20 ounces. The P-900 IGT measures in at just over 12 inches in length.

While this pistol is capable of small pest control, it’s really a target trainer. Gamo rates the P-900 IGT at 2 MOA, which is commendable for just about any pistol, air or otherwise. The pistol has an adjustable two-stage trigger that weighs in at 4 1/2 pounds and sports fiber-optic sights for solid accuracy.

The grip is rubberized and designed to imitate real handgun ergonomics and delivers when it comes to pistol marksmanship training.

With this pistol and ammo and targets and everything else coming in at far less than a $100, there’s almost no reason not to own one. While airguns don’t offer a one-to-one ratio when it comes to practice with firearms, they’re fantastic for keeping your accuracy in tune.

For this price you might want to consider picking up one of these air pistols, for shooting in your back yard, office, or, well, anywhere. As long as it’s legal to shoot a pellet gun, you might as well work on your marksmanship.

This air pistol is also a terrific gift candidate. Whether you’re looking for something for the gunner who has everything already or the junior gunner who needs something to start on, keep this pistol in mind.

For all the details and specifications head over to the Gamo P-900 IGT product page.

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