Some of the most unforgettable cops in TV history (VIDEO)

Cop shows spring up quicker than new variants of a .380 pocket gun, but there’s only a handful of fictional police officers that have left an indelible mark on the world of television.

FOX News compiled a list of “The 25 Most Unforgettable Cops in Television History,” and below are a few from that list.

“Reno 911” takes a comical behind-the-scenes look at the everyday life of a police officer, and Lt. Jim Dangle shows just how inept some of the officers can actually be.

“The Closer” follows tough-as-nails Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson as she runs the Priority Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.

“Law & Order” may be one of the most iconic cop shows in history, and Detective Lennie Briscoe is equally as memorable.

“Dragnet” started in the 1950’s and followed Sgt. Joe Friday as he investigated crimes in Los Angeles.

“Breaking Bad” smashed through almost every record there was, and DEA Agent Hank Schrader was one of the characters that helped make the show as compelling as it was.

“Dexter” is a serial killer with a conscience. The incognito killer works as a blood spatter analyst at Miami Metro, and super pervert Vince Masuka has a way of always keeping things interesting, if not a little inappropriate.

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