How to clean an AK like a pro (VIDEO)

While a lot of AK owners know that the trade-off for saving money shooting surplus ammo is having to stay one step ahead of undue corrosion, in the greater gun world, and for anyone new to AKs and their cheap, steel-cased ammo, awareness of corrosive residue isn’t 100 percent.

This quick video explains a super-easy way to prevent corrosive ammo from causing accelerated wear on your guns. It’s simple: just bring a bottle of water with you to the range. You probably already pack in water for most shoots so it’s not an extra step unless you want to pack in soapy water just for rinsing out your rifle’s bore and gas system.

While you’re at it, give your gas piston a quick rinse, too. It’s not going to hurt anything. Just make sure you clean it thoroughly when you get back from the range. Patches and oil will take care of the rest.

authentic ak oil bottlesIf you’re not sure if the surplus ammo you’re shooting is corrosive, this isn’t really going to screw anything up, either. Glorious of AK, comrade.

If you really want to clean an AK like a pro, check out these authentic Russian oil bottles for AK cleaning kits made possibly thanks in part to Rifle Dynamics. Handy at home or at the range they’re a neat little addition to your kit. Also keep them in mind as inexpensive gifts for your surplus-loving friends.

More pro tips at Polenar Tactical.

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