Magpul drops prices on MOE furniture, throws grip in for free


With Magpul rolling out a completely new line of handguards this year the company is looking to move old stock out of the way for new product. For a limited time they’re dropping the price of the carbine-length MOE handguard to just $24.95.

As a bonus they’re tossing in a free MOE vertical fore-grip in with every handguard purchase. This deal is available at participating retailers only, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find one locally or online.

They made the announcement on its Facebook page. “For a limited time, as we prepare to transition all Hand Guards to the M-LOK standard, every purchase of the current MOE Carbine Hand Guard through participating retailers will include a free MVG, a $19.95 value.”

magpul promoM-LOK is a new free-to-use universal accessory mounting standard introduced by Magpul earlier this year in competition with the open-source KeyMod system. The idea behind M-LOK is that handguards and other accessories don’t need full-length Picatinny rails, those add weight, complexity and discomfort to furniture.

M-LOK lets users chose where to mount Picatinny rails as an option as well as provides a standard for direct accessory attachment. This way users aren’t limited to a single system. M-LOK is backwards-compatible with existing MOE accessories with adapters.

Magpul isn’t limiting their new prices to just handguards.

“As we near the release of the MOE SL line, we are making our existing MOE stocks, grips, and hand guards an even better value,” stated Magpul in a separate statement.

They’ve set new prices for their most popular accessories:

  • MOE stock: $39.95
  • MOE carbine handguard: $24.95
  • MOE grip: $19.95
  • MOE vertical foregrip: free with the purchase of a MOE handguard

The cost for the whole set is now just $84.85. Even with the M-LOK system on the horizon it’s hard to pass up a complete set of Magpul AR-15 carbine accessories at these prices.

If you’re looking to put together a new AR carbine or thinking about upgrading an existing A2 or other vanilla rifle with Magpul hardware now’s the time. Even if you’re not interested in a complete set the savings on the buttstock and handguard/fore-grip combo are solid.

Still, there are people who will wait for more M-LOK parts for their next build and others who are looking for KeyMod parts. This deal isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t make it less great.

For specs and details hit up its website and for all Magpul-related news check out its Facebook page.

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