releases statement on Beretta gun storage article

A few of days ago, published the article “Down and Dirty Solutions to hiding your handgun” as part of a new section of sponsored content with industry leaders.  The article continued a long-standing trope in the gun community and elicited a largely positive response from gun owners becoming one of the week’s most popular articles on  However, others took some of the situations and methods described in the piece as an endorsement of carelessness regarding firearm safety and storage and, as such, we would like to take a moment to address these concerns.

We’d like to be clear that Beretta and Beretta-USA had no part in the conception, creation, review or publication of any part of this content and, upon learning of it, asked us to remove their association with the piece, which we have done.  As an organization dedicated to gun safety, Beretta cannot and does not endorse any suggestions for gun storage that do not conform to its own manufacturer’s instructions or the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s gun safety guidelines.  This is for good reason: the best place for your handgun may be on your person or in a gun safe at all other times, which was stated in the article.

With that said, continues to endorse the article.  For our own part, we feel that effective self-defense inherently presents a paradox between concealment and security when it comes to weapons, and strategies as to how to best and most safely tackle this challenge must be predicated on personal and informed decisions by individual gun owners. We believe firmly that gun owners must responsibly assess their surroundings because it’s ultimately always up to the individual to determine what works or not.

As such, we are pulling the article from our partnered section and publishing it through our regular programming.

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