Ares Armor faces off with ATF again (VIDEO)

Ares Armor, the California shop that helps patrons build their own guns, is daring the federal agents to raid its stores for a second time in San Diego. The controversial build-it-yourself gun store Ares Armor has once again started selling its questionable product without the approval of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Last week, Ares introduced a new 80 percent polymer lower receiver for an AR-15. A complete lower receiver is technically a firearm while these parts are just paperweights. By themselves it is impossible to use these hunks of plastic to build any type of gun, but with a jig and a drill press a non-prohibited person can make these into a pistol or rifle just as legally as if they had purchased it and undergone a background check.

Going one step further, Ares is selling the lowers at a discounted price, especially if you buy in bulk. After a brief legal dispute, the ATF raided Ares in March.

[ Fox 5 ]

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